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Мы рады сообщить, что Helios International совместно c Deutsche Medizinische Union дополняет и обновляет содержимое сайта.

В ближайшее время вся информация на сайте Helios International — официальном сайте группы клиник Helios для международных пациентов и партнеров — будет доступна на русском языке. До этого момента некоторые страницы и тексты могут быть представлены только в английской версии. Мы просим отнестись к этому с пониманием.

Вы также можете запросить любую информацию о клиниках и врачах Helios на русском языке у нашего официального партнера — Deutsche Medizinische Union. Для этого воспользуйтесь контактной формой, чатом со специалистом или закажите обратный звонок, воспользовавшись формой ниже.

Your way to us

The International Office of the Helios Hospital Group has 10 years of experience in supporting international patients.

Our multilingual team takes care of international patients who have decided to get medical treatment at one of our Helios hospitals in Germany. We provide advice concerning therapeutic options, travel arrangements, financing as well as the accommodation of relatives.

One central point of contact for all locations, short waiting times as a result of early arrangement of appointments and flexible support before, during and after your treatment.

We will also be happy to help you with the planning and organisation of your trip to Germany.

86 Helios hospitals throughout Germany ensure that we find the suitable specialist and the best possible treatment for every patient and their individual conditions.

Find out about our hospitals and experts before your stay:

Plan your treatment

Below, we will explain to you step by step what information we need from you to plan your treatment at one of our hospitals.

We care for you

  • Please fill out the Patient Checklist and return it to us by email or fax. Please don’t forget to attach your medical records (medical reports, scans etc.).
  • After checking your request, you will get an acknowledgement of receipt or feedback if any additional information is required to enable processing.
  • Please note that on the basis of your treatment documents, we will identify the optimal hospital out of the Helios Hospital Group and, if you do not contradict, forward your treatment documents to them.
  • All your medical records (written documents, if necessary radiological images) are then reviewed and evaluated by our medical specialists. If possible, a therapy recommendation is given.
  • We prepare a non-binding cost estimate for your treatment on the basis of the evaluation of our medical specialists. You will have your personalised treatment proposal within 72 hours.
  • The amount stated in the cost estimate has to be transferred to us as a 100% prepayment before admission.
  • We support you in organising your trip to Germany and obtaining the necessary documents (visa, flight, accommodation of the patient and relatives, transfer, interpreter services, etc.).
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions after your admission or during your hospital stay.
  • It is our common goal to present the final bill on the day of your discharge
  • We will be happy to support you in planning your trip back home and – if necessary – your aftercare.
  • You will receive the physician’s report by email.

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