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Cardiology in Germany

Cardiology: Your heart is in safe hands

Experienced specialists of cardiology departments in Helios hospitals carry out all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic measures that relate to heart health and are used for the successful treatment of cardiovascular diseases. We offer our patients the full range of modern cardiology.


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Coronavirus: exacerbating heart attack

Doctors at Helios Hospitals note that with the growth of the coronavirus pandemic, the severity of heart attacks has increased, while the number of patients undergoing treatment for heart attacks in hospitals has decreased dramatically.

Heart Center Leipzig is the first hospital in Europe to apply innovative catheter placement method

For the first time ever in Europe, medical professionals of the Heart Center Leipzig have used the ultrasound renal denervation to treat uncontrolled hypertension outside of clinical trials. Several studies show that the procedure lowers a patient’s blood pressure, making it a promising adjunctive therapy in the fight against a common medical condition.

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