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General & Visceral Surgery in Germany

From the thyroid to the rectum, a variety of diseases are treated in our departments in a particularly gentle and innovative way according to the latest standards. Since our patients are always the focus, our specialists work together with patients to develop individual and tailor-made treatment concepts for better results.

Visceral & General Surgery

Our experts in visceral & general surgery


Robotic surgical systems set new standards

A robot behind the operating table: at first glance, this sounds weird. However, statistics show that robotic surgical systems are of great benefit to patients and doctors. Helios Hospitals are implementing the state-of-the-art da Vinci system.

Successful Interventions with DaVinci Robots

Robot DaVinci has assisted visceral surgeons and urologists in more than 100 interventions at St. Johannes Helios Hospital. in Duisburg The result for the patients is unambiguously positive. Currently, the next departments, such as gynaecology and thoracic surgery, are being trained to operate the panel.

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